Seminars & Events

Seminars in a very special and quiet atmosphere.

All seminars we offer are in German language, please contact us, if you are interested in yoga and mindfulness, maybe we can find a way for you to participate anyway.

1.5.16: Farm festival – Hoffest

Every year on the first of May from 12 am till 6 pm our traditional farm festival takes place – not only from the manor house, but organized by the whole group of independant people that work on the farm Gut Bliestorf. This festival is less a market, of which there are loads in Schleswig Holstein, but more a party for everybody with music, lots of delicious organic food and drinks, games and stalls with handycraft. And for gardeners the hoffest is very interesting, as you will be able to buy plants from organic cultivation for your garden. A very special event, which I can advise you to visit. Maybe you like to book a room, to be able to enjoy it fully....