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The history of Gut Bliestorf

The name Bliestorf is probably related to the Slavic founder of the village, who was called Bliza. Since its early beginnings, Gut Bliestorf was a free and noble manor with ist own jurisdiction till 1870 and independance till 1889. Since 1873 the village for Bliestorf consists of small independant farms. The first owner was the family Crummesse. At the end of the 18th century the family von Schrader bought the manor from a family von Rumohr and, after a big fire, built the manor house in 1824-43.


The style in which the house was constructed is called Swiss style. In 1910 the great grandfather of the late Baron Rudolph von Schroeder bought the house and land for his family. The crest of the family von Schrader can be seen above the main entrance and the new crest of the von Schroeder family faces the park at the back of the house.

Baroness Sabine von Schroeder

The exquisite style and the whole interior decoration has been created by Baroness Schroeder. This beautiful setting can be the basis of your wedding, birthday party, family meeting or seminar and will designed to your demand for your event. Baroness Schroeder first met this kind of house in England, where there are lots of castles and manorhouses which are used as first class bed&breakfast and which she found more appealing than any hotel for an adequate price.

Baron Rudolph von Schroeder

The late baron Rudolph inherited the farm and manor house from his father. He and his wife Sabine lived in the manor house till 2008 before he started renovating the house in 2011. They live now opposite of the manor house in the old manager house.

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