Gut Bliestorf

Take a stroll through our beautiful Park

The country house manor is part of an old farm consisting of fields and meadows, stables and an historical park which was designed by Linnée. The late baron Rudolph has sold and let some of his land to an organic farm and gardener, so you will find a rare race of cattle called Aubraques and in the Gutsgärtnerei you will be able to pick your own flowers and – as the season will provide us – delicious strawberries or rasperries as well as herbs, which you will not find in any shop.

Directly adjoining the park old meadows have been renaturated and now are the home for waterbirds and others, as there is a lake and fields for the Aubraques of the farmer Roman Böhm. And – sitting on the terrace of the manor house – don´t be surprised if you will be able to observe some roedeer in the back of the parc or our hare, who is always curious, what´s happening.






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